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Hurricane Ike


Disaster Corps has teamed with a few members

of Burners Without Borders to work in Sabine Pass






     On September 24, 2005 Hurricane Rita came ashore over Sabine Lake - the surge from the storm destroyed more than 90% of the structures in Sabine Pass.  On Sept. 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike struck Galveston, but managed to generate the highest surge ever recorded at Sabine Pass.  Most of the few homes that had survived Rita were destroyed.  The new fire station and school gym, built built by "Extreme Home Makeover" after Rita, were both totaled.  With a population of 2,200, nearly everyone in the town was affected by Rita, Ike or both.

     On October 6, 2008, members of Disaster Corps and

Burners Without Borders arrived in Texas.

     After scouting out a number of affected areas we settled on
Sabine Pass, Texas.

     On October 10, 2008 the generous donation of a Hyundai
loader and excavator arrived from Four Seasons Equipment out of Houston, Texas.  We started tearing down houses that


     Since that time we have demolished 16 houses, cleared four

4 collapsed houses off of their lots, towed 7 travel trailers

out of the marsh, back dragged half a dozen lots for trailers to be moved in, and cleaned up debris off a half dozen lots.

     Every time one of the machines move from one place to another, someone flags us down!  We have been very

fortunate to have a great local operator to assist us.  Corbett

Weeks is a native of Sabine Pass and has been volunteering

his time along with the rest of the great volunteers.  It is

estimated that we have done at least $55,000 of free

tractor work

     Our greatest experience has been meeting members of

this wonderful community.  Most everyone in this area is

related and many were dorn and raised in Sabine Pass.

     There is a shared love for this town and people are

deteremined to stay, despite being devastated twice in

3 years. 

     The machines will be returned next week, but in the

meantime we have several more houses on the list and we will

keep on working until the hour we leave.


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Thanks to Four Seasons Equipment of Houston Texas,

for the use of an excavator and loader.

With these tools and volunteers we will be

able to make a difference!

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